E-Photo digital measuring system

The EXPROMT factory (“FACTOR” group of companies) was licensed to demonstrate and sell the EPhoto in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan from the developer of the digital measuring system ETemplate Systems ™.

EPhoto ™ is for those, who manufacture furniture of the individual size, who implements the designer’s ideas in architecture, construction and finishing works

Your aim is to accurately measure the room or the kitchen furniture to make the countertop? Using the digital measuring system EPhoto™ you avoid:

  • error of mechanical or electronic tape measures
  • drawings and schemes during measuring
  • manufacture of templates and patterns
  • repeated and check measurements

EPhoto™ system is very portable and helps to reduce the time of measurement. All you need to do is make several photos of the measured object. Next, on the PC, the system automatically draws the necessary settings over the photo, and also produces accurate drawings for the subsequent production of the countertop and furniture, with the ability to translate the digital data for the numerically controlled machine tools. Allows imagining the surface design.

Using EPhoto™  you can define surface smoothness, measure compound bending and angles, wall panels…