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The “Expromt” company

The “Expromt” company manufactures products from an artificial acrylic stone (Acrylic Solid Surface) since 2004.

Large and small companies have been working with us for almost 13 years, because we always provide a guarantee. There are three production lines: standard, contract and design, which provide production capacity and flexibility.

Our production is always stable:

  • Unique projects of architects and designers
  • Serial models by contracts and tenders
  • Standard products on current orders from the stores

We invite architects and designers, furniture stores, workshops and studios for the manufacture and installation of artificial stones to cooperation.

Our clients

  • Architects, designers and project developers
  • Developers and HoReCa operators
  • Furniture stores, interior and design studios
  • Retail stores of large furniture factories
  • Public and budgetary organizations

Skills and experience

Each year the “Expromt” company presents its new achievements at exhibitions and forums. Our technologists constantly improve the methods of stone-processing and invent their ideas and know-how. Our production is assigned with a high rating on the basis of certification by the technologists of DU PONT (manufacturer and owner of DuPont™Corian®), Expromt, which represents a guarantee in the number of certified processors of the Global Quality Network DuPont™Corian®.

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Main list of our products:

  • Interactive multi-touch tables and stands for all forms of presentation
  • Bar counters, reception, information boards and press walls
  • Art objects, light solutions and installations of the most complex forms
  • Artificial fireplaces of all styles, arches, podiums and partitions
  • Decorative panels and boards, interior design, floors, walls and ceilings
  • Building facades, entrance lobbies and facade decoration
  • Columns, fountains, window sills, stairwells and railings
  • Kitchen countertops, wash basins, sinks, bathtubs and shower trays
  • Furniture for homes, laboratories and areas of high humidity

All types of works

design, manufacture, assembly and installation

Design department

Over the years, we have designed and produced many products, ranging from all purpose furniture to complex structures

Engineering and technical solutions

We provide engineering and technical solutions by ourselves

Processing department

The continuously evolving manufacturing and technological structure of a company helps to expand business processes and reduce external risks


Over the years we have designed and manufactured many products, ranging from all purpose furniture to complex structures

Experimental workshop

Modern equipment and technology allow the company to be independent

Object works

Assembly, mounting and installation of many products, ranging from all purpose furniture to complex structures


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